Dog Dimension

Berlin-based power trio Dog Dimension have been blasting away at a mix of experimental rock, alt-metal and grunge on their classic bass-guitar-drums setup since 2019. The band has released three EPs so far, that each have their own distinct way of getting to the bottom of musical extremes: While “Area of Outstanding Beauty” (2019) and “Endless Summer” (2021) prioritized an experimental approach, “Rabies” (2022) is a bold affirmation of harder, groovier guitar rock, that’s soaked in the band’s wry aesthetic. And yet, Dog Dimension always have a surprise in store, like their recent collaboration with “The Sticky People” (2021), where they extended their classic setup with cello, horn and piano. A debut LP is to be expected in 2023.

Josefine Lukschy – bass, vocals
Alexander Meurer – guitar
Immo Philipp Hofmann – drums

Dog Dimension, 2022, photo by Joel Thomas
Dog Dimension, 2022, photo by Joel Thomas


2022, May: Rabies (12“ Vinyl, CD & Digital)
2022, Feb: Agonizer Of 1998 (Cassette & Digital, Kinship Records)
2021, Oct: Agonizer Of 1998 (Cassette & Digital)
2021, Jul: Endless Summer (12“ Vinyl & Digital, bohemian drips)
2019, Oct: Area Of Outstanding Beauty (12“ Vinyl & Digital, bohemian drips)
2019, Feb: Life Vest (Cassette & Digital, Who Are We Who We Are)