EP / 12″ and Digital / bohemian drips

Sticky, sweaty, melting: “Endless Summer” immediately transports you to the hottest day of the year. The third EP of Berlin-based band Dog Dimension navigates through a world of dystopian pool parties and throbbing stretches of asphalt, captured on five slick songs that maneuver between experimental rock, grunge and alt-metal on a classic guitar-bass-drums setup: While “Sticky People” is lush with tribal rhythms and hypnotic vocals, “Scrunchy Face” rattles through your ears like a speeding e-scooter on cobblestones. A cool-headed verse and a slow-mosh chorus exchange an affirmative nod on the title track “Endless Summer” – the doom-disco bridge lurks patiently behind the next cowbell. The power trio sprinkles “Doggernaut” with the occasional blast beat, while “Drop Shadow by the Pool” gently grazes avant-rock territory. A record that is, simply put, fun – or to quote the band’s singer: “My brain is hanging on a thread / It’s summer and I’m happy / I don’t want it to end”.


Single / Cassette and Digital

The Berlin based power trio Dog Dimension has teamed up with “The Sticky People”, expanding the band’s classic bass-guitar-drums setup by piano (Rieko Okuda), french horn (Elena Kakaliagou) and cello (Sicker Man).

The instrumental piece “Agonizer Of 1998” was recorded together with all six musicians during a studio session on a chilly night in Berlin in March 2021. Now available on limited cassette, including a heavy industrial “Sto Sticky” remix by Ian Medina. “Dog Dimension & The Sticky People” performed for the first time ever on October 1 at ausland in Berlin.


EP / 12″ and Digital / bohemian drips

»Area Of Outstanding Beauty« is a whirlwind of six luscious, in-your-face songs. Dog Dimension have a knack for keeping the arrangements fresh and exciting, whilst never shying away from hypnotizing instrumental parts. Lyrically the EP takes you on a journey from cleverly crafted metaphorical pep talks to dystopian depths and dream-like scenes, with a gentle touch of tongue-in-cheek and a not so gentle touch of anger. The band has found just the right sound for their style of song writing, which might evoke a 90s flashback in some, yet has the potential to establish itself in contemporary alternative rock music.

LIFE VEST (2019)

EP / Cassette and Digital

Dog Dimension’s debut tape!