Endless Summer EP out now

We just released Endless Summer on the Berlin based label bohemian drips as 12″ vinyl and digital download. You can also check it out and purchase it on Bandcamp channel!

Official video for “Sticky People”, animated and directed by Boy Tillekens


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Sticky, sweaty, melting: “Endless Summer” immediately transports you to the hottest day of the year. The third EP of Berlin-based band Dog Dimension navigates through a world of dystopian pool parties and throbbing stretches of asphalt, captured on five slick songs that maneuver between experimental rock, grunge and alt-metal on a classic guitar-bass-drums setup: While “Sticky People” is lush with tribal rhythms and hypnotic vocals, “Scrunchy Face” rattles through your ears like a speeding e-scooter on cobblestones.

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A cool-headed verse and a slow-mosh chorus exchange an affirmative nod on the title track “Endless Summer” – the doom-disco bridge lurks patiently behind the next cowbell. The power trio sprinkles “Doggernaut” with the occasional blast beat, while “Drop Shadow by the Pool” gently grazes avant-rock territory. A record that is, simply put, fun – or to quote the band’s singer: “My brain is hanging on a thread / It’s summer and I’m happy / I don’t want it to end”.


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Side A (13:33)

A1: Sticky People (3:58)
A2: Endless Summer (5:39)
A3: Doggernaut (3:56)

Side B (9:16)

B1: Scrunchy Face (3:25)
B2: Drop Shadow by the Pool (5:51)


Josefine Lukschy – vocals & bass
Alexander Meurer – guitar
Immo Philipp Hofmann – drums

All songs written by Josefine Lukschy & Alexander Meurer; co-writing by Immo Philipp Hofmann
Lyrics by Josefine Lukschy

Recorded and mixed by Immo Philipp Hofmann at Basement Berlin studio in 2021
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, Oregon
Vinyl cut by Andreas Kauffelt at Schnittstelle in Berlin
Cover photo by Nikolaus Götz & Aljoscha Redenius

Funded by Musikfonds e. V. by means of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM), as part of the Neustart Kultur recovery programme

© by bohemian drips & Dog Dimension, 2021 | all rights reserved | LC 96928
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